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It's All Happening!

Spenser and Angie at JAX Market For Makers, March 2018. @_bmatie_


Spenny Lane is mother and daughter owned, based out of St Petersburg and Sarasota. We upcycle vintage clothing and thrift store and garage sale finds by reworking and sewing different pieces together to create a beautiful new garment! We use flannels, denim, army coats, band tees, grommets/metals, lace, crocheted pieces, and more to make our one-of-a-kind creations. We have been in LOVE with garage sale-ing and thrift store shopping, and upcycling/designing clothes as a hobby for years! It is something that we get to do together as a mother and daughter, it's fun and keeps our hearts filled, and we get to share a part of ourselves with the community! We are very blessed to get to do this little dream of ours everyday.

Spenny Lane - the name - comes from Penny Lane, the character in Almost Famous, with an added "S" at the beginning because of daughter Spenser, who's nickname is Spenny. Penny Lane, or Spenny Lane, is someone who is mysterious, confident, vulnerable, captivating, soulful, inspiring, open-hearted, lover-of-life, present in the moment, fearless in life (and in fashion)!

Angie hard at work in the shop in Sarasota, FL!


Angie and Spenser at Reveal: Undivided, April 2019. @thegloriousend.